Ninth Building

YEAR : 2022
LANGUAGE : English
PRICE : 11.99pound

Ninth Building is a fascinating collection of vignettes drawn from Zou Jingzhi’s experience growing up during the Cultural Revolution,
first as a boy in Beijing and then as a teenager exiled to the countryside. Zou poetically captures a side of the Cultural Revolution that is less talked about—the sheer tedium and waste of young life,
as well as the gallows humor that accompanies such desperate situations.
Jeremy Tiang’s enthralling translation of this important work of fiction was awarded a PEN/Heim Grant.


鄒詩意地捕捉了文革中鮮為人知的一面——年輕生命的純粹乏味和浪費,以及伴隨這種絕望情況的絞刑幽默。 Jeremy Tiang 對這部重要小說的精彩翻譯獲得了 PEN/Heim Grant 獎。九號樓是一系列引人入勝的小插曲,取材於鄒敬之在文革期間的成長經歷,首先是在北京的男孩,然後是少年流放到農村的經歷。鄒詩意地捕捉了文革中鮮為人知的一面——年輕生命的純粹乏味和浪費,以及伴隨這種絕望情況的絞刑幽默。
Jeremy Tiang 對這部重要小說的精彩翻譯獲得了 PEN/Heim Grant 獎。

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